1.Physical Education

    "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" says an English proverb. With a view to educate youngsters in concept of good health through body fitness and sportive spirits the college imparts training in sports events, track events and field events through a qualified Physical Education Director.

The boy students are grouped in to four houses – Blue, Green Red and Yellow and the girls into twp houses. Training is imparted from 6-8 am to 5-6.30 pm every day. Students are given extra practice on Saturdays and Sundays through practice matches with neighbour Institutions.

Ball Badminton, Shuttle, Cricket, Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Kabadi are some of the outdoor games. Carom and Chess are played as indoor games. Every year our students actively participate in Inter-Polytechnic Athletic Association tournaments and in Zonal level matches.

Quality sports goods are purchased regularly and training given to students when students participate in Sports-Meet at Inter-Polytechnic level, they are provided uniforms at 50% concession. Students who aspire for police recruitment training are given extra attention by way of special coaching in track events to improve their Physical fitness. Around Independence day every year Mini marathon is conducted. Sports day is celebrated every year.

2.National Service Scheme

    Three NSS units of 300 Volunteer students are functioning in the institute.The unit arranges camps, Awareness Programs and rains students in Team spirit and leadership skills. Each unit renders services for the welfare of the community through its various activities.



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