CFI Activity


Overview :

          The Centre for Innovation was started in the year 2015 in our institution to cultivate innovation skills to the students of our institution. The CFI provides a platform to the students for making their creative ideas become true. It stimulates creativity and nurtures multidisciplinary talents. The innovation centre identifies the innovator in every student and provides them with the resources available in the Institution .

Functions of CFI :

      1. Providing guidance.
       2. Providing access to the resources of the Institution.
       3. Providing opportunities to participate in state and national level competitions.
       4. Conducting Project exhibition for the final year students
       5. Providing Cash awards and certificates to the best innovations.
       6. To provide a platform to involve in R&D
       7. Encouraging students to innovate new ideas to find solutions for local needs.
       8. To help students to identify their final year projects.

Advisory committee members :

      1. The Principal
      2. The Heads of the Departments
      3. Faculties from other Institutions and departments.

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